Update EGCC library July 2014


In this update you will find this years latest publications, which include some translations of Chinese classics translated by Ruoshi Sun and new Russian books (some with a stunning lay-out). I have included e-books, mostly from SmartGo Books. Here you’ll find John Fairbairn still going strong with two translations of classic Japanese problem books and the multilingual ‘Black to play’ problem books, with a recent Spanish edition (Dutch is next).
The section of Russian go books is still growing (forty new entries), but still far from complete.
Future projects are completing and updating the go magazines, provide links to the original publications and adding photos of most entries.
I like to thank the people who have given feedback and put my attention to unknown publications. I wasn’t yet able to fulfill all their wishes, but I’ll keep working on it. :-)
This is a work in progress, so please report missing publications and give feedback.
Theo van Ees

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