The Nihon Ki-in Summer Training Camp 2015



  1. Overview

-Concept: To let non-Japanese go players get stronger and feel and learn the Japanese culture of go through fantastic programs provided by the Nihon Ki-in
-Term: From 21st August till 3rd September 2015
-Place: The Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo)
-Participants: Suitable for from 10 kyu up to high dan players
-Courses: Full term, Semi-full, One week course (*you choose one)

  1. Contents

1) Pro Lecture and Workshops

Highly-selected and richly-experienced pros including a famous 9-dan pro of the Nihon Ki-in will give you a fantastic workshop every day.

*You will be given an original special textbook and materials that will help you improve your go skill.

2) style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Pro Teaching Games & Reviews

Our pros will give you simuls games and in-depth analysis and reviews of the games.

3) Special Training Program 2015

You will stay overnight at a Ryokan, ‘Sugino Yado’ on 27 and 28 August and will be trained for a full day from morning to night: pro teaching games, lectures, in-depth commentaries, quiz and problems

Sugino Yado’ is a very well-known Ryokan since the legend Fujisawa Shuko (Honorary Kisei) hosted a go camp at ‘Sugino Yado’ every year in which a lots of promising young pros took part.

*To see ‘Sugino Yado’ from here:

*Note: During the special program in ‘Sugino Yado’, meals and accommodation (on 27th) and transportations are all included in the Full Term or One Week Course.



– Visit and experience most popular ‘Go Dojo’ in Japan

*You will play a goodwill match against the Dojo students (*may include current insei students).

– Play a goodwill match against the University students (*which may include ex-insei students).

– Play a league tournament among participants from over the world and the winner will be arranged to play a special match against a top famous pro (*will be decided soon).

*At previous summer go camps, the winner in 2012 played against Takemiya 9p and in 2014 played against Ichiriki 7p (U-20 World Champion).

– You may be given a teaching game by a pro at the Nihon Ki-in’s best room (except Yugen no ma) where only first class professionals are allowed to play their official matches.

– More additional programs shall be arranged.

  1. Course

    (*You can choose one of the following three courses)

Full Term (21 Aug – 3 Sep): JPY 69,800 (*All inclusive)

Semi-Full (21 Aug – 3 Sep): JPY 55,000 (*Not including the special training program)

One Week (21-28 Aug or 27 Aug – 3 Sep): JPY44,900 (*The special program is inclusive)

* You will get 10% Off of the regular fee if you register for the Summer Go Camp before 1 April 2015.

*For details, please check the website:

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