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In memory of Go Seigen

go_seigen_young Go Seigen passed away at the age of 100. Picture by Zhang Jingna, zemotion.blogspot.com Caligraphy Go Seigen LoRe
On November 30 2014 Go Seigen, one of the strongest Go players of the 20th century, passed away at the age of 100.
Badukmovies in cooperation with Merlijn Kuin – multiple times Dutch champion and board member of the EGCC – pays tribute to Go Seigen by giving a lecture on one of his games against Takagawa Kaku in front of a live audience.
The video can be watched at: https://badukmovies.com/episodes/in-memory-of-go-seigen
Picture in the middle by: Zhang Jingna, blog.zhangjingna.com