Go in Companies

Go in companies

Ralf Schoenfeld
Go-Club Hamburger Sparkasse


Our project is to start up Go-groups in companies. In early 2006 we announced an evening with a strong player (3-Dan Thomas Nohr) to show the old game Go in “our” company. About 12 interested people from our company gathered around a demonstration-board and later in the evening the first matches on 9×9 Goban started. In the following month it was our goal to find a stable group of women and men who are interested to play in a company-club for longer. In Juli 2006 we get the official status as a company-sport-group with 12 people (age 33 – 49). Like another go club we play open games and tournaments, take lessons from stronger players.
Next steps: to get more members for our Go-club, to organize a Go-tournament open for everyone, to place a story in the Hamburger company-sport-magazine, to support the start of other Go company-sport-groups


To interest people in companies for playing Go and to show company – leaders how good Go works for the employee’s mind.


Very far: the group plays nearly every day in breaks in the company. Further some members take part in tournaments (e.g. Iwamoto) and are playing on KGS and in the “Internet-Bundeliga” on KGS.


Human resources: 4 People for giving lessons, preparing meetings, buying equipment (boards, stones, bowls, books). Financial resources: 460 € for equipment

Possibilities to copy this project

It’s quite easy: a good communication through the normal channels in a company (who supports company-sports) with enough employees should bring together some interested people. It works only if one employee is very Go-interested and can show the advantage of Go for people’s mind to the company-leaders.