Strasbourg rules

Strasbourg rules


Albert Fenech
Prize winner:
European Iwamoto Award 2001


The Strasbourg rule is a new set of rules to simplify explanation of the game. It states that to win the game a player has to get more stones on the board than the opponent. Game stops when every group has just two eyes. The same rule is also used by O Meien, Honinbo, in Japan. It makes the end of the game clear, prevents difficulties with the explanation of life and death, and makes counting easier. To spread these rules a nice flash production was made. It can be seen on internet. It is an animated explanation of Go with Strasbourg Rules, through several stages (like capture-go), in 525 moving screen pictures. Available in English, French, German and Japanese. The program can be translated to other languages.


Manpower: low (having the basic material).
Costs: initally reasonable, the translation costs about 100 euro, thereafter low.


Click here for a website with the demonstration in several languages.