Jury report of the 2003 edition


Report of the jury

Points were awarded ranging from 1 to 6 in four categories:

  • General opinion
  • Exportability, possibilities for use in other countries
  • Originality
  • Results
Points in the first two categories were multiplied by 3 and the last two categories by 2.
The final result was very clear

First place in the Iwamoto European Award 2002-2003 is taken by:

the Rating list for Children by Kalli Balduin from Germany with a score of 179 points.
This First prize is 1000 euro.

Second place:

Internet Go School by the Polish Go association with a score of 146 points
Encouragement prize is 500 euro.

Third place:

Educational services by Moyo Go Institute in Barcelona, Spain with a score of 132 points
Encouragement prize is 500 euro.


First place for Kalli Balduin is nor only a reward for his striking attractive idea. This idea is only a part of the many ideas Kalli Balduin uses for his teaching projects. Last year he also entered a project consisting of many new ideas (Go Memory Problems).
That the ideas work is manifested by the many hundreds of children in Berlin who have learned go from Kalli Balduin. It is noteworthy that the project ending on fourth place was the TV-program where Kalli Balduin played a part in the initiation.


The encouragement prizes go to projects that deserve some recognition.


First the Polish projects that use internet, the new media, for actually spreading Go. The Polish Go association gained many new players, especially young ones, through this method. For people interested in Go, living in far away small places, this may be the only method to learn how to play.
The project in Barcelona does what everyone should do who is working on Go. They make their projects available for later use. Whenever active people fall short of time or energy, projects fall in a slump because they depend too much on one person. If you have clear methods showing what you have done and how to operate, everyone else can take over with not too much effort. This is an important lesson for everyone.

The jury of the second contest consists of:

  • Oleg Gavrilov, Russia.
  • Matthew Macfadyen, Engeland.
  • Ulf Olsson, Sweden.
  • Vladimir Danek, Czechia.

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