Jury report Iwamoto Awards 2007

The jury consisted of three presidents of national go federations:
  • Suvi Leppanen from the Finnish Go Association
  • Martin Kovaric from the Czech Go Association
  • Emeric Salamon from the French Go Federation
The first reaction of Suvi: “I must say that all the candidates have done great work. It was very difficult to choose my favourites, because I’d like to reward all of them.”
Finally the members were unanimously in thier decision to give the Award to EuroGoTV.
eurogotv_480x240Suvi: “EuroGoTV gives the possibility to watch tournament games live and see interviews. All videos are stored in an archive. Possibilities to copy and cooperate are good: “any organization of go events can cooperate and contribute video’s, also to make promotion for sponsors”. Popular technology is used and the project is now widely known and liked. I think this project has very good chances to improve. Who wouldn’t want to have a real go tv channel? This is a good start!”
Martin: “Very good for interesting events.”
Emeric: “I think we need a channel of diffusion of GO in some European language. And I hope this project develop multiple language on its broadcast.”
The Encouragement Awards were a little more difficult to decide. Several candidates were mentioned. But both of the winners were on the short lists of two members of the jury:
ia-nim-workbookSuvi: “Go Workbooks: These are the kind of books that I’d really like to see translated to every language in Europe. As the author says, the amount of text in the books is low, so the translation process won’t be too long and expensive. I can’t wait to see all the 10-15 books. For children it’s important to have many exercises instead of long texts, and this book looks very promising in encouraging children to improve in go. The idea of having the solutions on the internet is also good.”


Suvi: “Big problems: Big problems are good for especially children and beginners. The stones on the paper are the size of real stones, so after trying to read the solution it’s easy to play the stones, start from beginning and replay as many times as needed. This project is very easy and cheap to copy, because it only needs paper and a printer, and anyone can make new problems.”

Emeric: “I think there is with this project one more objective that the crontibutor talk about, it is helping player partially sighted.”
Martin: “Excelent idea, cheap, easy to copy all over the go world!!!”

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