CEGO European Pro Qualification Tournament

Thursday, 29th of May, the EGCC organizes, on behalf of the European Go Federation, part of the CEGO European Pro Qualification Tournament, that will decide the first CEGO European Professional.
The 16 participants selected by the EGF will play a knock out tournament with losers rounds. Only after two losses players are knocked out.
The tournament will start in Strasbourg (May 24-25) with the first two rounds.
After rounds 3 and 4 in Amsterdam (May 29), one player with 4 points will become professional.
The 4 players with 3 points will play the last two rounds in Vienna (June 20-22) and the winner of these two rounds will become the other professional player.
The pairing for the first round in Strasbourg should be: 1-16, 2-15 … (EGF ratings).
For detailed information see: Overview
For tournament rules see: Rules
For the EGF Professional Go System Constitution see: Constitution


Pavol Lisy
Cornel Burzo
Csaba Mero
Thomas Debarre
Christian Pop
Mateusz Surma
Jan Simara
Ali Jabarin
Pal Balogh
Fredrik Blomback
Viktor Lin
Timur Sankin
Lukáš Podpěra
Benjamin Teuber
Andrii Kravets
Jan Hora


Dusan Mitic
Bohdan Zhurakovskyi
Juri Kuronen
Lukas Kraemer

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