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Wat is go en hoe kon het programma AlphaGo winnen van de wereldkampioen?

Begin maart speelden wereldtop-gospeler Lee Sedol en het softwareprogramma AlphaGo van Google Deepmind een historische match en de uitslag was voor vele go-spelers verrassend.


Duizenden jaren was het meesterschap over het bordspel go voorbehouden aan mensen. Enkele jaren geleden nog waren zelfs middelmatige spelers in staat om de destijds beste go-computerprogramma’s te verslaan, terwijl bij denksporten als schaken en dammen de grootmeesters al geen schijn van kans meer maakten tegen de kunstmatige intelligenties.
Maar nu 2016, tussen 9 en 14 maart, verloor de mens met 4-1 van AlphaGo. Sindsdien staat het spel in een hernieuwde belangstelling.


  • Wat is go eigenlijk?
  • Waarom is het nu zo interessant voor Google?
  • En waarom fascineert het mensen al duizenden jaren?
  • Om deze vragen te beantwoorden organiseren wij drie go-introducties in het Europees Go Centrum te Amstelveen:
  • donderdag 7 April vanaf 19:00 uur
  • zaterdag 9 April vanaf 14:00 uur
  • woensdag 13 April 19:00 uur
  • Graag (gratis) vooraanmelding via E-mail naar
    Europees Go Centrum
    Schokland 14
    1181HV Amstelveen
    tel.: 020 – 64 555 55

    Amsterdam International Go Tournament, May 5th – Sunday, May 8th, 2016


    The 45th Amsterdam International Go Tournament
    Thursday, May 5th – Sunday, May 8th, 2016
    A European Go Federation bonus points tournament (level B)
    Preregistration is open although the schedule is not yet decided.


    For sure it will be a four day event with a main tournament of six rounds played in the European Go Centre and an one-day Rapid tournament. This Rapid tournament will be either on Thursday or on Saturday. On the other days the main tournament will be played. The exact schedule will be published as soon as possible. However, earliest time of the first round of the main tournament would be May 5th, 14:00 and the closing ceremony will be on May 8th, 18:00.
    Entry fees:
    In case of preregistration and payment in March: 40 euro
    In case of preregistration and payment in April: 45 euro
    In case of registration and payment at Thursday, 5 May: 55 euro
    Note possible discounts, regardless the time of payment:
    There is a discount of 10 euro for members of European national go associations (the NGoB and other member organisations of the EGF).
    There is a discount of 10 euro for all players aged under 18 and/or classified as double digit kyu.
    Please transfer the money to:
    Name: Redactie Go
    IBAN: NL21 INGB 0000 7332 53
    With the message: AIGT 2016 and your name and playing strength
    (For instance: “AIGT 2016 Peter Smith 17k”)

    Alphago wins the match with Lee Sedol 4 – 1.



    Update 3: Alphago beat Lee Sedol 9p 4 – 1!. In the last game Alphago seemed to make a mistake and Lee Sedol was leading. But during the game Alphago turned the tables slowly and won by resignation.
    It has been an incredible week with a result that shocked most Go players. Scientists were not so surprised though. We can’t wait to see in depth analysis of the games and we are also very interested on what Google Deepmind will do after this victory. We hope that Deepmind will develop Alphago further and eventually make a version of the software that can be available for the public.
    We now have the situation, like with Chess and Checkers that the computer can beat the strongest players. So now we can start where we left and play human to human games again. Some time in the future we will probably have a tool that will enable us to study our games. We are sure this will be of great benefit to us all. Meanwhile Google Deepmind will develop their AI software further so that it eventually can be of help in more serious matters like healthcare.
    Update 2: After 4 games Alphago leads 3 – 1. After winning three convincing games AlphaGo seems to have made mistakes in a complicated fight after some very sharp moves by Lee Sedol.
    Update 1: After 2 remarkable games Alphago leads with 2 – 0! The program played very strong and Lee Sedol is left ‘speechless’ after the second game.
    You can follow the video of the games with very clear commentary of Michael Redmond 9p on the Deepmind YouTube-channel!

    During the first round we organized a meeting in the EGCC, about 60 people were there from 05:00 to see the first match. The info on this match you can find below.

    Starting Tuesday night March 8 we will start a meeting where Go players and everybody who is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Game programming can watch the historic first game between Google’s AlphaGo and Lee Sedol 9p.
    Not only will we watch the game and live commentary by Michael Redmond 9p, but also we have Guo Juan 5p, Merlijn Kuin 6d (tbc) and Peter Brouwer 6d doing live commentary and answer questions about the game. Also there will be discussions about Artificial Intelligence.
    We already have over 25 people coming from all over the Netherlands!

    The schedule looks like this:
    Tuesday night, March 8
    19:45 – 23.00: gathering of goclub ‘The Two Eyes’.
    Subsequently, there will be played from 23:00 to 04:00 go. If there is enough interest we will make it a Rapid Tournament, with five rounds.
    Wednesday, March 9
    04:30 u – 05:00 h: Reception of all interested parties with coffee and tea.
    05:00 u – 10:00 am: Live broadcast of the match with commentary by Michael Redmond 9p. The game starts at 13.00 Korean time with 2 hours of thinking time per person/computer and 3x 1 minute byo-yomi.
    05.00 u – 07.00: Comments on the opening by alternately Peter Brouwer 6d, Dutch champion Rapid, and (tbc) Merlin Kuin 6d, current and multiple Dutch champion.
    06:00 – 07.00: Explaining the functioning of AlphaGo by Erik van der Werf 1d, scientist and programmer of four goprograms.
    07.00 – 10.00: Comments on the match by Guo Juan 5p, go professional and -lecturer.
    07.00 – 07:30 h: Discussion on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the programmability of intuition initiated by Jaap van den Herik, AI professor.
    07:30 u – 08:30 h: Buffet breakfast
    08.30 – 09.00: discussion about the opportunities and dangers of deep learning initiated by Mathijs Romans 1d, software architect
    09.00 – 10.00: Final Discussion on how the (professional) practice go play and learning is affected by the (arguably superior) gocomputers.
    Register : citing “AlphaGo March 9th”.

    CEGO European Pro Qualification Tournament

    Thursday, 29th of May, the EGCC organizes, on behalf of the European Go Federation, part of the CEGO European Pro Qualification Tournament, that will decide the first CEGO European Professional.
    The 16 participants selected by the EGF will play a knock out tournament with losers rounds. Only after two losses players are knocked out.
    The tournament will start in Strasbourg (May 24-25) with the first two rounds.
    After rounds 3 and 4 in Amsterdam (May 29), one player with 4 points will become professional.
    The 4 players with 3 points will play the last two rounds in Vienna (June 20-22) and the winner of these two rounds will become the other professional player.
    The pairing for the first round in Strasbourg should be: 1-16, 2-15 … (EGF ratings).
    For detailed information see: Overview
    For tournament rules see: Rules
    For the EGF Professional Go System Constitution see: Constitution


    Pavol Lisy
    Cornel Burzo
    Csaba Mero
    Thomas Debarre
    Christian Pop
    Mateusz Surma
    Jan Simara
    Ali Jabarin
    Pal Balogh
    Fredrik Blomback
    Viktor Lin
    Timur Sankin
    Lukáš Podpěra
    Benjamin Teuber
    Andrii Kravets
    Jan Hora


    Dusan Mitic
    Bohdan Zhurakovskyi
    Juri Kuronen
    Lukas Kraemer

    European Youth Go Championships 2015

    European Youth Go Championship 2015
    European Youth Go Championship 2015

    12 – 15 March 2015
    Zandvoort the Netherlands
    Centre Parcs Park Zandvoort, near Amsterdam


    It is our honor to announce that the EGCC, together with the Dutch Go Association and many volunteers are organizing the European Youth Go Championships 2015!
    We have found a great venue: Centre Parcs Holiday resort in Zandvoort. Zandvoort is very popular for its beach and the resort is very close to the sea.
    You can find further details at

    The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go School & Go Camp 2014

    Visit the famous room Yugen no ma!
    Visit the famout room Yugen no ma!

    The Nihon Ki-in 90th Anniversary Event!

    1. Overview

    • Concept: To let Non-Japanese go players get stronger and feel and learn the Japanese culture of go through fantastic programs provided by the Nihon Ki-in of which the 90th anniversary of the foundation will be commemorated in autumn 2014.
    • Term:  From 26th August till September 4th 2014
    • Place:  The Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo)
    • Participants:  Suitable for from 10 kyu up to high dan players

    2. Contents

    1) Pro Lecture and Workshops
    Lecture by Michael Redmond 9p
    Lecture by Michael Redmond 9p

    Several selective and experienced pros including a famous 9-dan pro of the Nihon Ki-in will give you a fantastic workshop every day. There will be two classes in sessions to let us provide you with suitable intensive program by skill level: Class A for Dan players and Class B for Kyu players.

    *You will be given a special textbook and materials that will help you improve your go skill.

    2) Pro Teaching Games & Reviews

    Our pros will give you teaching games and deep analysis and reviews of the games.

    3) Special Tours
    Go Seigen vs Kitani
    Kamakura Juban go (10th Game): Go Seigen vs Kitani
    • You may enter the most famous room Yugen no ma which is used for only top players’ matches.
    • You will visit the venue for a first game of the 39th Meijin title match
    • You will visit a place in Kamakura where the 10th game wasplayed by Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru. (Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination. Kamakura offers numerous historical monuments and Kamakura’s sand beaches attract large crowds during summer)
    • You will visit the most famous and traditional Goban shop in Tokyo.
    • Optional tours may be arranged.
    4) Others
    • You will play at Japan’s most popular amateur tournament ‘Takara
      Takara Shuzo Cup 2013
      Takara Shuzo Cup 2013 in Tokyo
      Goodwill match
      Goodwill match

      Shuzou Cup’ for which over 1000 people play. All participants will be given fantastic prize by the sponsor.

    • You may be invited to such exclusive award ceremony as Honinbo title award ceremony.
    • You will play a goodwill match against the University students which may include such a strong player as ex-insei of the Nihon Ki-in.
    • A team tournament will be held with selective lodge members of the Nihon Ki-in.
    • You will play a league tournament among participants from over the world and the winner will be arranged to play a special match against a famous top pro.
    • You can play a game with a traditional four legged goban at a Tatami room of the Nihon Ki-in that professional players usually use for their matches and study group meetings.
    • You will be given some special gifts including Iyama Yuta’s fan from the Nihon Ki-in!
    • More additional events shall be arranged.


    3. Participation Fee

    The program fee shall be between JPY 50,000 and JPY 55,000 (about € 375) which includes the participation fee of ‘Takara Shuzou Cup’ and Japanese consumption tax. (*A student may get a discount.) Please note that your accommodation is not included in above price. We can assist you in your reservation of affordable accommodation in Tokyo from € 30/night.


    If you want to participate please copy the Entry form below, fill it in and send it to


    Entry Form

    for the Nihon Ki-in Summer Go School & Go Camp 2014

    The Ki-in 90th Anniversary Event!

    (10 days intensive program from 26th August 2014)

    1) Please fill in the form and submit it to our email:






    Date of Birth (day/month/year):                             




    Strength (e.g. European 1k):                                




    2) Accommodation.

    We can assist you in your reservation of accommodation in Tokyo. If you want us to arrange accommodation, please let us know which type (a,b or c) you like and check〝X″in a blank.(from JPY4,000/night for shared room & JPY 6,000/night for single room)


    The name of hotels


    room type

    check here



    About 15 minutes on foot from the Nihon Ki-in







    8 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station





    About 10 minutes on foot from the Nihon Ki-in





    If you wish to arrange your accommodation by yourself, you do not need to reply us for above question.

    3) Program fee

    The program fee will be between JPY50, 000 and JPY55, 000 which includes the participation fee of ‘Takara Shuzou Cup’ and Japanese consumption tax. (*A student may get a discount.)

     Contact info: Email: / Tel: +81-3-3288-8727 /Fax: +81-3-3239-0899