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Wat is go en hoe kon het programma AlphaGo winnen van de wereldkampioen?

Begin maart speelden wereldtop-gospeler Lee Sedol en het softwareprogramma AlphaGo van Google Deepmind een historische match en de uitslag was voor vele go-spelers verrassend.


Duizenden jaren was het meesterschap over het bordspel go voorbehouden aan mensen. Enkele jaren geleden nog waren zelfs middelmatige spelers in staat om de destijds beste go-computerprogramma’s te verslaan, terwijl bij denksporten als schaken en dammen de grootmeesters al geen schijn van kans meer maakten tegen de kunstmatige intelligenties.
Maar nu 2016, tussen 9 en 14 maart, verloor de mens met 4-1 van AlphaGo. Sindsdien staat het spel in een hernieuwde belangstelling.


  • Wat is go eigenlijk?
  • Waarom is het nu zo interessant voor Google?
  • En waarom fascineert het mensen al duizenden jaren?
  • Om deze vragen te beantwoorden organiseren wij drie go-introducties in het Europees Go Centrum te Amstelveen:
  • donderdag 7 April vanaf 19:00 uur
  • zaterdag 9 April vanaf 14:00 uur
  • woensdag 13 April 19:00 uur
  • Graag (gratis) vooraanmelding via E-mail naar
    Europees Go Centrum
    Schokland 14
    1181HV Amstelveen
    tel.: 020 – 64 555 55

    The Nihon Ki-in Go Camp 2016

    The Japan Go Congress’ in Tokyo!
    It is our pleasure to announce that the Nihon Ki-in Go Camp 2016 will be held for 10 days from 23 August till 1 September 2016 at the Nihon Ki-in!
    The Summer Go Camp will be held for overseas go players who want to improve your go level and to experience very rich Go culture in Japan and to make friends with the participants from around the world!!

    The Go Camp 2016 will give you very unique and special contents as follows:
    – You play for Japan’s most popular amateur tournament in which more than 1,000 players will enjoy.
    – Many legendry players will give you teaching games and special commentaries!
    – You visit and watch the first game of Meijin Title Match at the five stars hotel, Four Season in Tokyo.
    – Special Forum: The legend, *Go Seigen’s anecdote* (*secret story) and *his best game* will be introduced by a professional who is very familiar with Go Seigen.
    – You will enjoy goodwill matches with Japanese Universities’ Students!
    – Special sightseeing programs in/around Tokyo will be also available!
    – Plus, you will meet and make a lots of friends from around the world!
    Super Special Offer!
    If you register earlier than 30 June 2016, the program fee is set out only 29,800 JPY!!
    *Note that the program fee will be 45,000 JPY as a regular price from 1 July 2016.
    For inquiry or registration:
    For your registration, please email Tom to
    until the official website of the Summer Go Camp 2016 is released.

    Amsterdam International Go Tournament, May 5th – Sunday, May 8th, 2016


    The 45th Amsterdam International Go Tournament
    Thursday, May 5th – Sunday, May 8th, 2016
    A European Go Federation bonus points tournament (level B)
    Preregistration is open although the schedule is not yet decided.


    For sure it will be a four day event with a main tournament of six rounds played in the European Go Centre and an one-day Rapid tournament. This Rapid tournament will be either on Thursday or on Saturday. On the other days the main tournament will be played. The exact schedule will be published as soon as possible. However, earliest time of the first round of the main tournament would be May 5th, 14:00 and the closing ceremony will be on May 8th, 18:00.
    Entry fees:
    In case of preregistration and payment in March: 40 euro
    In case of preregistration and payment in April: 45 euro
    In case of registration and payment at Thursday, 5 May: 55 euro
    Note possible discounts, regardless the time of payment:
    There is a discount of 10 euro for members of European national go associations (the NGoB and other member organisations of the EGF).
    There is a discount of 10 euro for all players aged under 18 and/or classified as double digit kyu.
    Please transfer the money to:
    Name: Redactie Go
    IBAN: NL21 INGB 0000 7332 53
    With the message: AIGT 2016 and your name and playing strength
    (For instance: “AIGT 2016 Peter Smith 17k”)

    Result of the First World Wide Iwamoto Award

    Iwamoto-Award-2015 Certificate

    During the opening ceremony of the European Go Championships in Liberec, Czechia, we could present the result of the First World Wide Iwamoto Awards. This is the first time that we organized this award world wide, we had four European awards earlier. Mr. Yamashiro 9p, vice-pesident of the Nihon Ki-in handed the certificate over to Daniel Bösze (Austria) for his project Public Touchscreen Go Table.
    The three winners are:
    1 (€ 1.000): “Public Touchscreen Go Table” by Daniel Bösze (Austria)
    2 (€ 500): “the Surrounding Game” by Cole D. Pruitt (US)
    3 (€ 500): “Gakko no Go” by Maria Puerta (Venezuela)

     Harry van der Krogt (L, EGCC), Daniel Bösze (M, Winner) and Mr. Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p (R, Nihon Ki-in)

    Harry van der Krogt (L, EGCC), Daniel Bösze (M, Winner) and Mr. Yamashiro Hiroshi 9p (R, Nihon Ki-in) Photo by Damir Sultanbekov ​


    The full result is as follows:
    FInal score World WIde Iwamoto Award 2015
    FInal score World WIde Iwamoto Award 2015

    Photo exposition in the European Go Centre

    Photo exposition of Harry van der Krogt as it is permanently displayed in the EGCC.

    Pictures of the Nichiran Silvernet bazaar 2015

    On May 31 the Nichiran Silvernet Foundation organized their annual bazaar in the European Go Cultural Centre to raise funds for their activities.
    The Nichiran Silvernet Foundation organizes many activities for Japanese in the Netherlands, so that they may live as comfortable as possible. Many of the activities are also organized in the European Go Centre.
    You can find more information on their website: or or at their Facebook page:
    Here are some pictures:

    Iwamoto Awards 2015 – entries

    The registration period for the Wolrd Wide Iwamoto Awards 2015 has ended.
    20 Projects from all over the world have entered the contest, you can find them below.
    There still can be small modifications to the projects, but you can have a good overview of all the different projects and the motivation of all the people involved. Hopefuly you’ll get ideas on how your next project will look like!

    Criteria for judging projects

    Stones world wide

    Open international contest of go promotional projects

    Criteria for judging projects


      • Are there measurable objectives?
      • Are the objectives reached?
      • Are the goals relevant?

    Several basic categories of objectives could be distinguished, such as:

      • Increasing public awareness,
      • Strengthening existing Go communities,
      • Supporting the organization of Go promotion itself.


      • What is the ratio between human and financial input on the one hand and the outcome on the other?


      • Is the project unique in its nature?
      • Does the project open new perspectives for the promotion of Go?


      • Does the project make use of new opportunities, social developments, (marketing) strategies, technologies, social media?


      • Is further development of the project promising?


      • Is the project a good example to follow in similar circumstances at other places?


      • Is the project highly independent of specific capacities or knowledge of the person(s) needed to run it?


      • If apparent alternatives already exist for the methods or materials used, how are the differences evaluated?


      • How is the project presented in external relationships (partners)?
      • Can the presentation appeal to the target audience?


      • If the project involves go-technical content of its own, what is the value of it?

    Rules for acceptance of projects

    Stones world wide

    Open international contest of go promotional projects

    Conditions for the submission of projects

    Rules for acceptance of projects

    • English is the language of communication and presentation.
    • Despite the various names that exist for the game we will use the official name as used by the International Go Federation: Go.
    • Applications for the World Wide Iwamoto Awards can be made online by filling out the standard application form, starting from the 15th of February 2015.
    • The deadline of the 2015 call for proposals is the 21st of June 2015.
    • Project holder is either a natural person or a legal body.
    • Please note that only one (1) application per project holder will be considered.

    Contributors have to fill out an online application form, prepare to have the following information and images available before you fill in the application:

    • Complete contact information
    • Name of the project
    • Name of the project holder
    • Start date of realization (and if applicable the end date)
    • Time line (with dates or milestones, if applicable)
    • Geographic extension of the project (where do the activities take place and where we see effects)
    • Aim(s) of the project (including naming target groups)
    • Description of the project (if you need more than 500 words for the full text, a summary of max. 250 words is needed as well.)
    • List of all means of the project (physical infrastructures, technologies, media, social networks)
    • Result(s) of the project
    • Public exposure (awareness of the project and results in media)
    • Human resources (description of all involved and their time expenditure)
    • Financial resources (sponsorships, subsidies, gifts, own budgets)
    • Perspective (expected future development of the project)
    • Wishes (kind of support or cooperation needed for progress or continuation of the project)
    • One image that is used for the presentation in the Gallery of entries. The image dimensions should be 480px by 240px or have an Aspect Ratio of 2:1 (An example will be provided)
    • Illustrative images of the project (at least 2, could be pictures of events or materials, but also graphics or schedules if especially relevant; format should be jpg or png)
    • If available, all existing websites, brochures or other materials about the project. Preferred format for illustrative documents: pfd.