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Toulouse Permanent Tournament


This tournament started in 2001, and over the last 10 years has brought together more than 50 players. I have been organizing a permanent tournament in Toulouse since 2006. A round is played each month, and it’s up to the players to arrange their meeting time and place. 6 to 7 rounds are played over the year.


This tournament is a good way for beginners, who may be shy of going to a weekend-long tournament, to get a feel for timed, rated games in an informal environment. It motivates players to go to their club at least once a month. It also allows players to play rated games more regularly than they otherwise would, which also makes for better updating of the rating ladder.


The main tool to run the tournament is Goat. Additional financial resources could be used to provide prizes to the first three players, in order to encourage participation.


The tool requires a Unix computer and the ability to send and receive e-mail and publish HTML pages. Because the tool automates most aspects of the tournament, only about an hour of human time for each round is needed.

Possibilities of copying this project

This type of tournament can easily be reproduced in other countries (except for adaptation of the tool).


Yves Rutschle (current manager and tool developer), Laurent Lamôle (founder)
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