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Thinking Learning Go Style

A game of the Theory of Mind


The project provides a series of Go lessons in elementary and/or high school.

First lessons will introduce and show the rules of Go to students.

In a second period a Go teacher will offer exercises about understanding the way to play the game (as life and death, connecting, ko, etc.). Students will be engaged to reason about how opponent player can think. Great significance will be given to a correct and rational reasoning. During the training the psychological Theory of Mind will be introduced.

Students will play Go in dedicated hours.

The project will also include a Go Open Day (or Days) at schools, during which students will teach/introduce the rules of Go to visitors.


– to introduce the game of Go and rules (in my country it is not well-known at all)
– to improve students rational thinking
– to improve students lateral thinking
– to improve student consciousness of Theory of Mind
– to introduce Go game and rules in a city with a school (Open day)


Good organization is required and Go teachers need to be prepared to teach children/adolescents. The project has not been realized yet.


Go teacher, psychologist, playing material, psychological writers of Theory of Mind.

Possibilities of copying this project

Very easy.


Luca Filighera