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Inter-Section Tournament


Since 2003, I organize a team tournament in Toulouse. The reason is that we play in several places in the town (about 10). The objective of the tournament is to meet people rather than to win. Therefore it is a handicap tournament played with teams of 3, with 30 minutes per player per game, with 4 rounds over one day. Promotion of Go: this tournament brings the 100 players from the various sections closer together by creating a team spirit, and creates a sympathetic team spirit, it reinforces friendly knowing about others sections people (100 players in Toulouse go club), and people want to play each year.


The objectives are: develop a team spirit (less individual), have a good time, and introduce people to other sections and people. I chose teams of 3 people. This creates a team spirit when the team has a victory and a defeat, by putting “pressure” on the third goban, as the result of the entire team rests with him/her. Indeed this tournament is a success. Typically, 12 teams will have registered within one or two weeks of announcing the tournament.


Currently I use excel and macro to pair teams. It should be interesting to develop a real team tournament software, with specific options (for example allow to easily have 4 players in a team who play alternatively on the three gobans)


No particular needs. The main difficulty is lack of easy-to-use software, and for each round, it takes time to define the pairings between the teams (who plays who and with what handicap). The development of a free software with database and modern technology would make it much easier.

Possibilities of copying this project

Easy to implement in other countries. I can give information and my excel software to anybody who wants it.


Eric Saves, Laurent Lamôle

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