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Go game is known less than other strategy games in Europe. This project, a viral advertising campaign contest about Go game, aims to solve this problem (using word of mouth, viral and guerilla marketing strategies).


To increase the awareness and interest in Go through the advertising contest. It is aimed especially at people between 7-15 and 15-25 years old.


I will create a new event on my Go game facebook group and upload an information poster there. My team will also inform about the contest details on internet (Facebook, twitter, Izmir Go Association and Turkish Go Game Player Association). We will also prepare an application form. The best campaign will be chosen by professional jury (Yasar University Head of Department and instructors). The winner will receive a prize and the best advertisement will be featured on various websites (and in traditional media such as local/regional newspapers if possible).


An organizing team (3 people), jury (5 people), social media, prizes (e.g. digital camera, ipad, etc.).

Possibilities of copying this project

It’s very easy to apply this project in other countries.


Türker Özşekerli