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Go players social networking

Description is a first social network created for Go players.

Strong points, comparing to Facebook or other networks:

  1. Cannot see distracting banners and other commercial ads
  2. 100% Spam protection (Special Captcha, which can be solved by Go players only)
  3. Can share and comment SGF files
  4. Can search users by KGS nicknames
  5. Can add Go-related info: favorite servers&nicknames, books, date of learning rules, rank, Go club, etc


The goal is to provide one network to connect all Go players around the world, who use different kind of social networks (Google+, Facebook,, etc).


Everything is already created and project may survive without any manpower or money, but we need to find budget for advertising it in order to make it more popular. About 5000 USD already invested. About 2000 users all over the world joined the networking.


See above.

Possibilities of copying this project

No reason to copy it, but it might be a good idea to create groups (open or private) for each country and Go club.


Alexandr Dinershteyn