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GO for your kid!


Creating a leaflet presenting the benefits of learning and practicing GO by the children. The target group of this material is parents and teachers of school age children. We are creating, publishing and distributing information on how GO can:
–          stimulate intellectual development and improved cognitive processes in youngsters;
–          help children improve their learning effort in school by exercising memory and focus;
–          offer life lessons that can be internalized with no real life damage;
–          help formation of character and personality traits;
–          open opportunities of traveling and human interaction.

The premise of the project is that children are the future of GO development, and they can be targeted through their parents and tutors.


–          Increasing awareness of GO game’s benefits for the child’s mental and emotional development.
–          Encouraging parents to enroll their children in GO classes.
–          Increasing the percentage of children among the new players.


The idea of this project was originated in the report of a survey that targeted the Romanian GO players community, survey that identified “children”, “small children parents” and “school teachers” as the most important target groups of a promotion campaign (the survey was an extensive investigation on the Romanian GO Federation services). The realisation takes place in stages:

  1. Content creation.

 This stage is already completed. The Romanian version of the text can be found in the attachment.

  1. Editing and publishing – money

We are in process of collecting the necessary money to finance the leaflet. Till now we have gathered 90 EUR from a local public source. Other applications are filled to other public administration institutions. Our target is 450 EUR, the limit that would assure us an edition of at least 7.000 units.

  1. Distribution – manpower

Volunteers will conduct the distribution.


Promotion leaflet and volunteers to distribute it.

Possibilities of copying this project

The text of our presentation will be free of any copyrights and will be available for republication – in printing or on the Internet – for any person or organization that would want to use it for further campaigns of their own.


Romanian GO Federation

Cristian Bratu, project coordinator