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Throughout 40 years of its existence, German Go had not been recognised as ‘socially useful’ (therefore not eligible for tax reductions). Thus, in the beginning of 2004, 12 people founded a new Youth Support Foundation, called ‘go4school e.V.’, lead by myself, Harald Kroll, 3D. One and a half years later, in 2005, go4school got recognisation by German Tax authorities.

Our idea seems to be continously original. We strive to make effective use of resources and am willing to consult implementation of the project in other countries. We proved to be ambitous to develop strategically and with inspiration. We are focussing on our target group making best possible use of the Hikaru trend. We set up a website to publish our activities and for HPM registration. I have been managing the existing enthusiasm inside the organisation for three years and we cooperate with other organisations if they want.


With the support of many people, I designed go4school e.V. activities to have 3 main tasks:

1. to take over and stabilise a School Team Championship (3 pupils, 1 adult) and to support participation by transportation support (10€/100km, free meals for all, and a possibly free accomodation.) The event is called Hans Pietsch Memorial (HPM) to remember the sad and sudden death of Hans, the first German Go Professional. A HPM fund, all rights+duties were given to us from DGoB in 2004.

2. to support free Youth Go projects as regional qualifications, regional school teams championships, the German and International Youth Go championship participations, etc. respectively.

3. to develop the organisation itself 3.1 by collecting new members, by 3.2 integrating organisations and international support and 3.3 by addressing International Go Teams.


1. The set-up proved to be a big success: The number of participating teams grew from 12 teams (2003) to 16 (2004), and from 24 (2005) to 31 teams (2006). The next HPM 2007 will be held in HH- Rahlstedt at the school of Thomas Nohr.

2. This pillow as well proved to be a substantial Youth Go support: In 2006, go4school supported 12 additional Youth Go Projects, such as Kinder Kisei in Berlin, EYGC trip to Tallin, the regional chapionships in Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and Hamburg and several smaller Youth Go events.

3.1 The number of members grew continuously: The number of members grew from 12 members in January 2004 to 70 members in January 2007. Nearly 20 of our members are foreigners, mostly Japanese.

3.2 We integrated organisations such as the German Go Federation (shared transportations costs), the Nihon Kiin (sent a professional player) and the EGF (supported participation of Luxemburg). We integrated professional players: Our Honorary Member is Shigeno Yuki (2P Japan), other members are: Enda Hideki (9P Japan), and Yoon Young Sun (5P Korea) and Kim Hyo Jung (2P Korea). Other Commenting Professionals were Saijo Masataka, 8 D, Kobayashi Chizu, 5D and Catalin Taranu 5D.

3.3 We addressed International Go by publishing our idea during the Go Congresses in Prag 2005 and in Italy 2006 and descibing it to the EGF. In 2005 two teams were interested, we invited Hungary (didn’t show up). In 2006 four teams were interested, and we invited Luxemburg. Luxemburg participated and got 2nd of 31 teams, its participation was supported by the EGF. We are planning to invite max. 3 teams in 2007, if agreed by the go4school annual members meeting.


Harald Kroll

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  1. peter freedman

    Nice project!!! I have a Go team at an elementary school and we have begun playing other teams on KGS. This Sunday we fielded an 8 member team in Portland, OR, USA, against a school in Mexico City, Mexico. The organizers have a Skype connection, and the kids can meet each other. Last year we had one 3 team on-line tournament:) Contact me if you’d like more info.