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European Pair Go Championship 2013

European Pair Go Championship
May 11 –  12, 2013, the European Go Cultural Centre

The European Pair Go Championship this year is more special as two best pairs will be able to participate in the international Pair Go events:

1) One seat is given for participation in the 3rd SportAccord World Mind Games held in Beijing in December 2013, all is paid, the tournament is open for amateur and professional players.

2) One seat is given for participation in the International Amateur Pair Go Championship held in Tokyo in November 2013, travelling-costs: 50% paid by the organizers, 50% by EGF. Of course in Japan all is paid by the organizers as well. Only amateur-pairs (both players must be amateurs) can participate!

The winning pair will have the choice of the event they want to participate in (only one of the above). Then the next placed qualifying pair can take the other event. As usual the top 16 countries’ pairs will earn points for their country towards qualifying to this and future IAPGC.

Conditions applicable to participation:

  • Each pair must consist of one female and one male player.
  • Both members of each pair must be passport holders of the same European country.
  • Please pre-register before1 May 2013for preparations to run smoothly.
  • Note that pre-registration must be finalized by being present at the tournament venue in the morning before the tournament starts: pairs arriving after10:00amSaturday May 11 will not be able to participate.
  • No entry fee

Tournament conditions:

  • 6 Rounds McMahon or Swiss tournament system
  • Even games, komi: 6.5
  • Time setting: 60 minutes and 3 times 10 seconds byo yomi
  • Japanese rules
  • Japanese International Pair Go rules

If McMahon is used as the tournament system, the top McMahon group will be formed with all dan level pairs and all national representative pairs.

The registration page is available here. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please email

The organizers reserve the right to bring changes considered essential for the smooth progression of the tournament at any time.

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  1. JeansebL

    Will this be broadcast anywhere? Will there be a video stream?