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Amsterdam Go together 2013

Amsterdam Go together is a combination of 4 events.

The Amsterdam International GO Tournament and The European Pair Go Championship will be held together in 2013, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Chess and Go Shop Het Paard. In addition there will be a special DNM Amsterdam Rapid Tournament , open for all participants of each of the main events, organized in a picturesque monastery in the old centre of Amsterdam. Add special teaching events, a poker tournament and a good party and all ingredients for a special “Amsterdam GO Together” are present.
Don’t miss it!


Registration page will be open soon, if you wish to learn more about each of the event, please visit the following pages:

1. Amsterdam International Go Tourament

2. European Pair Go Championship

3. DNM Amsterdam Rapid Tournament

4. The Kunwa Tourament (for children)

You can find a schedule for all events here.

To warm up for these events, you are welcome to join the Lighting Tournament in the heart of Amsterdam!

Hope to see you in May!