16 December: AlphaGo screening & discussion

December 1 2017 by Kim Ouweleen

We are excited to announce a prerelease EGCC screening of the award-winning film AlphaGo on Saturday 16 December.
The film will start at 13:30 hours and takes 90 minutes. After the film, there will be talks by Go expert Rob van Zeijst (7 dan and three-time European champion) and professor of mathematics and computer sciences Leo Dorst. Rob van Zeijst will focus on the go technical aspects of the AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol match and the implications of AlphaGo's innovations for us go players. Leo Dorst will shed light on the workings of the computer program: Monte Carlo Tree Search, Deep Neural Networks and the layers AlphaGo consists of in order to perform.

Go novices can choose not to participate in the talks and instead learn how to play the game from go teachers in the room next door!

Participation is free for all. We have room for about 80 people, so make sure to register soon. You can register here.

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Exhibition of Ikebana & Shodō - 28 and 29 October

November 15 2017 by Kim Ouweleen

In the weekend of 28-29 October, the EGCC hosted a combined exhibiton of ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) and shodō (Japanese calligraphy), organised by Ikebana Ikenobo Chapter Nederland and Hanamoji Kalligrafie Nederland.

Experts in both arts were present and explained the different types of flower arrangements and scrolls that were on show. Noriko van der Linden-Momose, Geeske Jansen, Arie Huisman, Francien Koppelaar, Tini van de Wetering and Shigemi Ekhart provided live ikebana demonstrations for the audience. 

On Saturday afternoon the exhibition was visited by special guest Mrs. Midori Inomata, wife to the Japanese ambassador in the Netherlands.

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Seong-jin Kim 8d dominates Anniversary Go Tournament

November 10 2017 by Kim Ouweleen

From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 October the European Go Cultural Centre organised several events in celebration of our 25th anniversary. The centre piece was the EGCC Anniversary Go Tournament, which took place in the weekend and was dominated by German resident Seong-jin Kim 8d. In a field of 87 players from 15 different countries, of which no less than 38 were dan players, Korean-born Kim defeated all opposition. Second place was claimed by Artem Kachanovskyi 1p (Ukraine) and third place went to Lukáš Podpěra 7d (Czech Republic).

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